Corporate Social Responsibility

EOP21 believes in contributing to various communities. Our core corporate social responsibility policy focuses on support of our youths, the environment, the community, and ethical behaviour in businesses. To find out more on our contributions, please click the links below.


The Singapore Green Plan was first issued in 1981. As a continuation, in 2002 SGP2012 was released, aiming to create an environmentally conscious Nation. Link to Wikipedia Source:
In 1987, as part of EOP21's CSR, we decided to contribute towards our environment in conjunction with the Nation's Green Movement.
With the aid of our Management and R&D team, we monitored the industry waste production and sought to do our part with the Movement's motto, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. 
To help reduce the wastage (as Toner cartridges are discarded once a new one is purchased), we designed EOP21 foil bags to contain EOP21 Toner. This is to encourage an easy refill process. The use of Captain Green on our foil bags aims to encourage others to follow the Green Movement - reusing the used cartridges and also recycling them at designated cartridge collection points once they reach the end-of-life cycle.
Captain Green is an official Motto of Singapore introduced in 1990. Please refer to our source from Singapore's Ministry.
Left to Right: Counterfeit, Geniune, Counterfeit, Geniune
Unfortunately, albeit our goodwill and intentions, we were no longer able to use the Captain Green Logo. Our intention was to help reduce waste with quality products, thus also prolonging the life of copier machine and parts.
This has been taken away from us, as many other business dealers have started to counterfeit our products in large volumes and sub-standard qualities, defeating the purpose of our CSR mission.
We have thus taken measures such as brand change to (EOP21) and introducing exquisite packaging and checking of counterfeit products to ensure that our customers will not be misled.
If you are wondering whether you've received a counterfeit EOP21 product, please contact us at this Email address: [email protected] 
We will assist you to verify the authenticity of your product.



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