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About Us

EOP21 Pte Ltd was established in 1985 as Electpho Office Products Pte Ltd by Mr. Jeremy Lee. Mr. Lee saw the difficulties faced by copy centres in the country to stay competitive due to the very high cost of OEM toners used in daily operations, and started the company to provide affordable toner products to help these copy centres stay profitable. In 2008, Electpho Office Products Pte Ltd was rebranded to EOP21 Pte Ltd.

Over the years, with industry knowledge from the United States, coupled with internal in-depth technical knowledge, EOP21 started shifting its focus, from being a manufacturer to being a leading innovator and pioneer that discovers new methods of developing quality toner through powerful R&D capability. This shift was done to deliver the brand vision – To innovate, enhance quality, improve life and the environment.

Due to strong demand for our brand and products, we face many counterfeits in the market.

Hence, we apply relevant IP protection in our major markets to act as a strong deterrent and to protect our brand.

With the sustainable advantage of brand recognition, R&D capability, and in-depth market knowledge, our EOP21 brand has achieved a strong position in the marketplace. We envision further growth with future opportunities to improve ourselves.


Excellent On 

The Vision: Excellent On Product
To share our products with the whole world & make the world a better place
“To innovate, enhance quality, improve life & the environment.”

The Mission: Excellent On Performance
To always deliver excellent performance consistently
“We are driven to create innovative excellent standards in the imaging industry through R&D and leadership”

The Foundation: Excellent On People
These are our values, that make our excellent people, who will deliver our brand to the world









Milestone Timeline

  • 1985 - Trading Years

    Electpho Office Products Pte Ltd founded. The first company in the world to introduce "Green Life" brand in aluminium foil bags that are more environmentally friendly and cost effective

  • 1993 - Manufacturing Years

    Invested in toner plant in Tianjin, China.
    The first Singaporean company to develop its own R&D and know-how for manufacturing toners

  • 2000 - Transferring of Technology

    Transfer of toner technology and factory to better serve the Indonesia market

  • 2009 - Rebranding

    Rebranded to EOP21, with a new image to deter counterfeits

  • 2010 - R&D

    Established R&D in Singapore to Design, Engineer, and to Develop new age toner applications

  • 2013 - Expansion

    Established Thailand branch

  • 2015 - Innovative Toner

    With 30 years of ODM experience, our world class multi-application toners have a footprint in more than 32 countries and over 100 cities.


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